Breakneck News

Back in the last century I got most of my news from NBC. Sometimes, I’d tune in CBS, like my family had when I was a kid. But rarely did I choose ABC or any of the other New York stations, whether local or national. I also ignored the new cable stations, figuring they were staffed by wannabe announcers and reporters who couldn’t land jobs at the major networks. I did watch public broadcasting regularly but I don’t recall them offering national news like the commercial networks. And I rarely read the New York Times. I’d do the crossword, follow the art scene via their reporting but never was I interested in what the gray lady had to say about breaking news. But this century I’ve changed my stripes and, up until just months ago, I’ve relied on her as well as The New Yorker and Atlantic magazines to keep me informed.

Then along came Covid 19 and the Second American Civil War and the outrageous doings of a living nightmare called Donald J. Trump. Suddenly there was more news coming at me faster and more furious than at any other time in history. Then from within this whirlwind came the pundits, the experts, the insiders, the swamp dwellers and op-eders and all the other spokes-folks who have something to say about a certain something or other, some of whom I‘ve “painted” for posterity. That is, if there will be a posterity!

Names of players listed at end of scroll. 

Spokes Folks

Alex Padilla - Fills Kamala's Senate seat.

Laurence Tribe - Harvard prof says Trump can still be nailed.

Amy Klobuchar - Queen of mean, some say.

Edward Grayson -  NYC czar of cleanliness.

Garret Miller and his attorney - Said he'd kill AOC, now says he's very sorry. Yah, right.

Scot Atlas - See Ayn Rand.

Nia-Malika Henderson - Reported on Trumps last day in White House to  Jake Tapper.

William Cohan - Last respectable Republican.

Ms. Nessel, Ms. Whitmer and Ms. Benson - The Michigan three who did not blink.  

Jared Polis - Governor of Colorado who's gay. So?

Ayanna Pressley - Mass. Representative who suffers from alopecia.

Christina Greer - Professor and political commentator for NY 1.

Ted Lieu - During Senate siege said to have grabbed a crowbar that turned out to be a ProBar.

Angus King - Maine senator says Trump should be barred from receiving intel updates.

Cory Bush - New Congress woman from Missouri.

Rebekha Jones - Damsel in distress or fem fatale?

Brett Giroir - Trump's  Covid Czar, gone missing. 

William Barr - One more rodeo clown who thought he could ride Trump.

Unknown 2 

George and Kellyanne Conway - DC fun couple no longer having fun.

Preet Bharara - NYC legal beagle for CNN.

Katie Porter - Outspoken Cal congress woman who knocked Mnuchin off his ivory tower.

William Haseltine - Brit germ guru worried about Covid's cousins.

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